The Financierge reflects the diversity of services and thought leadership we provide our clients. Not only do we guide our clients through all the phases of their financial needs, but we also do so in a context that is holistic and comprehensive. We devote as many resources to being consultative planners as we do being quality investment managers, integrating the accumulation, preservation, and transfer phases of wealth management.

How Financial Concierge Services Can Benefit You
December 31, 2019
Dear Valued Clients and Friends, In this edition of The Financierge, we discuss our holistic and...
Do You Have a Business Succession Plan?
August 20, 2019
Dear Valued Clients and Friends, In this issue of The Financierge, we focus on business successi...
Family Governance – A Key to Successful Multigenerational Wealth Transfer
June 19, 2019
Dear Valued Clients and Friends, In a study by the Family Office Exchange, families were asked a...
Do You Have a Wingman or Wingwoman?
April 03, 2019
Dear Valued Clients and Friends, As a former management consultant and C-level executive, I spent...
2019 Tax Planning Strategies
February 26, 2019
Dear Valued Clients and Friends, For centuries, civilization like the Greeks, Egyptians, and Roma...
Live and Leave a Legacy
February 04, 2019
Dear Clients and Friends, We are blessed by the extraordinary legacy that George H. W. Bush, the...

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About the Author

Don B. Saulic

Managing Director, Partner

Don is a Partner in the team’s Private Wealth Management practice specializing in helping affluent families develop comprehensive strategies for all phases of wealth accumulation, preservation, and transfer.

He also leads our Financial Concierge Services platform of professional alliances and serves as the editor of The Financierge.


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