America on Trial:

A Defense of the Founding
Robert Reilly

In a day and age where the true historicity of the American founding, and particularly the philosophical commitments that underlie it, is perverted by the establishment press and secular academy, Reilly’s book digs deep into the epistemological and moral-intellectual commitments that serve as the foundation for the American experiment.

Divided We Fall

David French

It would take a special kind of blindness to not see how divided our nation is right now – politically, culturally, ideologically, socially. David’s book maintains a commitment to the classical liberal order on which our country was founded, but suggests tangible and thoughtful ways to cope with our current divides, for the sake of preserving the union.

Blood and Oil

Bradley Hope and Justin Scheck

The last book I read by Bradley Hope I practically read cover to cover (on the infamous 1MDB scandal) – I just couldn’t put it down. Here, we get an equally gripping tale of Mohammed bin Salman’s grip on power in Saudi Arabia, his determination to secularize Saudi society, and the tension between his embrace of much of western culture, all the while relying on the status quo tools of violence and authoritarianism to enact his agenda. A no-miss book for those wanting to better understand world oil markets

The Upswing

Robert Putnam

A historical run through past periods of cultural and economic divide in America, and past periods of cohesion and reunification. It turns out, the values of community and institutions are a huge part of the prescription historically, and are sure to be a part of the prescription in the future.