Larry Kudlow Joins
The Bahnsen Group

While the press release (see link) captures the formality of what we are announcing, I want to share with you my personal feelings about the announcement that Larry Kudlow is joining The Bahnsen Group as an Economic Advisor. Click on the link for the details, what he will be doing, and all the exciting things that Mr. Kudlow’s advisory role represents.

But beyond the truly valuable work Larry will be doing, speaking at events, bringing his vast experience in policy and macroeconomics to our investment committee, etc., it is also a thrill for me because of the regard I hold him in personally. I do believe Larry very capably and sacrificially served his country with his work on the National Economic Council these last three years. But Larry has also had a profound impact on me personally and professionally for almost 20 years now. His life story, his commitment to civility, his deep love for country and freedom, and his unwavering loyalty to his friends – this is a man who blesses all who are in his orbit, no matter what that capacity may be.

For our purposes, he will be sharing economic wisdom, something he has done from his time as a Fed economist, to a Reagan administration analyst in OMB, to his work as Chief Strategist at Bear Stearns, to his long-running show at CNBC, to his work as Director of the National Economic Council. But he has also been a mentor to me for years now, and having him in The Bahnsen Group orbit is one of the great thrills of my life, personally and professionally.