THOUGHTS ON MONEY [T.O.M.] is a place to find simple truths on money. Everything from budgeting to investing to decision making. A great place to come for answers to your own personal financial questions or to spark thought on how to improve your financial life. Enjoy an easy to read, application focused commentary.

Clarity on Charity
January 16, 2020
As we closed out 2019, I fielded a lot of questions about Donor Advised Funds (DAFs).  For s...
Getting Schooled
January 08, 2020
As we enter into 2020, we know one thing to be true – politics are going to be a hot topic. ...
Lessons Learned - A Tale of Two Decades
December 18, 2019
As we approach the end of the year, I brace myself for the many retrospective look-backs on 2019...
What Do You Get When You Add Appreciation to Income?
December 12, 2019
The end of the year is a season when I conduct a lot of review meetings with clients.  ...
Don't Sweat the Small Stuff
December 04, 2019
As we approach the New Year many of us will begin to think about the resolutions that we want to ...
The Language of Finance
November 26, 2019
Have you ever heard the adage, “knowledge is power?” It’s true; especially when it comes to your ...

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Trevor Cummings

Private Wealth Advisor, Partner

Trevor is a Private Wealth Advisor focused on building customized financial plans for his and many clients of the team.

As the author of TOM [Thoughts On Money], Trevor endeavors to write and speak about financial concepts and principles in a kind of “straight” talk demeanor and posture.

He received his Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Biola University and his MBA from California State University, Fullerton.