THOUGHTS ON MONEY [T.O.M.] is a place to find simple truths on money. Everything from budgeting to investing to decision making. A great place to come for answers to your own personal financial questions or to spark thought on how to improve your financial life. Enjoy an easy to read, application focused commentary.

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Weighing Your Options

Have you ever taken the Enneagram? If not, you should check it out; it’s a personality test. For those familiar with the Enneagram, you know …

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Figuring Out Your Finances

Neither you nor I know what the future has in store.  The future is uncertain.  For many, this uncertainty can be unsettling.

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Hodgepodge and Potpourri – Part Two

Nostalgia has led me to borrow these popular Jeopardy categories – Hodgepodge and Potpourri and how it relates to finance topics of the day.

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Hodgepodge and Potpourri – Part One

I grew up watching Jeopardy with my family; it was a family tradition. I remember being amazed by how many answers my parents knew. Every …

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Weathering a Recession 

A recession is coming!!  Yikes! When?  Not sure.  How severe?  Couldn’t tell ya.  How long will it last?  Your guess is as good as mine.  …

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Timing Is Everything  

Timing is…   Everything.   That’s right.   Timing is EVERYTHING.  When I proposed to my wife – perfect location, the right words, and… perfect …

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Going Through Withdrawals

Financial planning is a collection of questions, peeling back the layers to understand our needs and how we fill those needs in the future.

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The Mystery of History When it comes to financial markets, many of us have these same particular dates seared into our brains: The Great Depression …


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Trevor Cummings

Private Wealth Advisor, Partner

Trevor is a Partner and Director of our Private Wealth Advisor Group.

As the author of TOM [Thoughts On Money], Trevor endeavors to write and speak about financial concepts and principles in a kind of “straight” talk demeanor and posture.

He received his Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Biola University and his MBA from California State University, Fullerton.