Out of the Box

“The only people who see the whole picture are the ones who step outside the frame.”

– Salman Rushdie

Real Estate Capabilities

Real estate investment – be it some of the top tier institutional managers or direct deals- is a primary part of the value proposition at The Bahnsen Group. Our capabilities in the asset class include relationships with top-tier transactional brokerage professionals, access to opportunistic deal flow, and access to banking and financing needs. Whether it be experienced real estate investors who like to play a significant part in the process operationally, or passive investors preferring access and opportunity, our capabilities in real estate idea generation, consultative services, and asset management are a significant part of how we go outside of the box to deliver value to our clients.

Private Equity

The investment rationale is very simple – investing in companies that have not yet experienced the highest percentage growth they will potentially achieve in the growth arc of their business, all the while benefitting from the illiquidity premium embedded in the asset class. Investing in the equity of privately held businesses has been an attractive opportunity for high net worth investors for several decades, and professional management has never been more important as the dispersion of results within the asset class exceeds that of nearly all risk assets. Manager selection matters. Process matters. Our pursuit of private equity strategies to supplement traditional investment allocations is a passion of ours. From direct investment, to secondary offerings, to primary offerings with best-of-breed private equity managers, the attention given this space at The Bahnsen Group is a key outside of the box differentiator. We provide this value with an insatiable pursuit of options, followed by a meticulous due diligence process, and ultimately a wide array of access and opportunistic selection.

Access & Deal Flow

An unappreciated value in a business managing the financial affairs of significant entrepreneurs and dealmakers is the ability to connect said dealmakers with one another. Access to deal flow is a key value proposition for those who value transactional possibilities, ground level opportunities, and early stage business investment with reliable proprietors and achievers. While it is out of the box to consciously incorporate this into our value proposition, the intentionality we put into it and doors we open from it are noteworthy and established.