Practical Application

December! Are you kidding me!? And just like that, we approach the final weeks of another year. 

Life. Moves. Fast! 

It was the Summer of 2018 when Thoughts On Money was born.  Brian Tong, Director of Strategy & Communications at The Bahnsen Group, was willing to entertain an idea I had for writing a weekly note on financial planning, what came to be affectionately known as “TOM.” Some three years later, and Brian (along with Glen Hall) has edited, published, and recorded about 150+ of these little TOM notes.       

As a reader of our content or a client, you begin to learn some of the names and faces of The Bahnsen Group.  You may have a deeper, more familiar relationship with one or two of us, perhaps you’ve met another one or two in passing, and maybe you are aware of some of the others that make up this team.  If you work at The Bahnsen Group, you know this more than a team; it’s a family.  Now 35+ members make up this family, and there is a constant buzz and conversation across different departments and team members all striving for one goal – how to serve our clients better.   

I give you this background because my friend and colleague, Brian Tong, was helping to construct TOM alongside me on day one and is still providing valuable feedback on how this content can – better serve our clients and readers.  Recently Brian and I chatted about how to go about discussing financial matters in a more practical application manner.  Much of TOM is littered with financial wisdom, textbook equations, and advice, but Brian wondered what this all looks like in practice.  So, today, Sean Latimer and I jumped into the studio. Brian hit the record button. We did just that – we talked about practical applications around financial organization and estate planning.   


Why this topic?  Well, I think this is one of the more underappreciated areas of financial planning.  We have a lot of folks that come to us because they want a trustworthy advice-giver to backfill them as the CFO of their household.  We hear this a lot, “I just want to make sure my family is taken care of if anything was ever to happen to me.” This is a common desire, and resourcing an advisor is a positive step in the right direction to solve for this, but there are also some practical steps around organizing your financial documents and executing some estate matters that often get put on the back burner or forgotten.  Today we discuss real-life experiences as a financial advisor and use these examples to reiterate the importance of organization and legacy planning.  All from a practical application perspective.   

So, without further ado, please join us for this week’s podcast, Practical Application

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About the Author

Trevor Cummings

Private Wealth Advisor, Partner

Trevor is a Partner and Director of our Private Wealth Advisor Group.

As the author of TOM [Thoughts On Money], Trevor endeavors to write and speak about financial concepts and principles in a kind of “straight” talk demeanor and posture.

He received his Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Biola University and his MBA from California State University, Fullerton.


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